Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Confirmation of an Inch BHG

We have recorded two birds so far which are likely to have been birds ringed at Inch this summer. Back in August, a metal-ringed bird was at Portrush and in September, a colour-ringed bird was recorded at the River Foyle. Unfortunately neither ring number was confirmed, although we think the colour-ring might have been 2DAD

Metal ringed BHG at Portrush, August 2016
Photo by Gary Platt

Colour-ringed BHG on River Foyle, September 2016
Photo by Gary Platt

Finally though, Gary has been able to confirm an Inch bird, after he photographed a metal-ringed juvenile at Coleraine recently. 

Photo by Gary Platt

He was able to piece together the ring number and was delighted to discover it was was one of a handful of birds which he ringed during the first visit to Inch in May. We only added colour-rings during the second and third visits, but this bird must have gone undetected during the later visits (see here).

Green - Inch, Donegal
Orange - Coleraine, Co. Londonderry

The bird made life easy, landing on the car so it wasn't too difficult to read the ring in the end.

Photo by Gary Platt

Hopefully this is only the first of many re-sightings of birds from Inch.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Latvia to Lurgan to Latvia to Lurgan to Latvia and back!

Almost two years ago (to the day), we caught and colour-ringed a bird at Kinnego Marina, Lough Neagh which had already been fitted with a Latvian metal ring. The bird was subsequently seen a couple of times that winter before being photographed on Getlini dump near Riga, Latvia (see here) in April 2015 and again in April 2016 having spent the winter months in between back at Kinnego.

01/11/2014 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina
14/03/2015 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina
12/04/2015 Riga, LATVIA Getlini dump
26/11/2015 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina
29/11/2015 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina
01/02/2016 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina
14/02/2016 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina
06/04/2016 Riga, LATVIA Getlini dump
23/10/2016 Lough Neagh Kinnego Marina

As you can see from the table above, 2BPP has returned to Kinngeo for another winter and it was photographed a couple of days ago. The metal ring is very worn and it is unlikely that it would've been possible to identify this individual without the colour-ring.

Photo by Gary Platt
Many thanks to Gary for his report and photo.