Monday, 17 December 2012

My first resighting report!

I recieved my first resighting report at the weekend, when Nigel Ireland got in touch to say he'd seen several of my colour-ringed gulls (2AAD, 2AAH and 2AAJ) at Loughshore in Antrim.  Almost feels like a proper project now!

A couple of fantastic photos from Ian Dickey also found their way into my inbox over the weekend. One of the photos shows 2AAJ, one of the birds Nigel saw on Sunday.

Nigel also reported seeing the Polish colour-ringed bird, T35J, which I saw back in October (see here).

Thanks to Nigel for the sighting report and to Ian for letting me use his photographs.

2ADJ - Photo by Ian Dickey
2AAJ - Photo by Ian Dickey

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