Friday, 1 February 2013

Quick update on NI BHG project

As of the end of January we have caught and colour-ringed 31 Black-headed Gulls at six sites in Counties Antrim and Down.

We've also had one control (T35J) and two re-traps (2AAL and 2AAS).

Of the 31 birds we've ringed so far 29 have been adults and two have first winter birds.

It's still very early days but we've had 74 re-sightings of 22 individuals and although these have all been from the sites at which they were ringed, it's encouraging that people are seeing the birds and reporting their sightings.

I've also managed to rope Kerry Leonard into helping out.  Kerry secured permission from the local council to ring on their land, so hopefully he'll manage to get some more c-rings fitted to birds in County Down soon.

As you can see, 2ABT left Kerry a present on his jeans!

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