Friday, 18 October 2013

Birds not biting yet

I paid a visit to my main ringing site earlier this week to look for colour-ringed birds and to see if there were many gulls around.

There was a small flock of just over 100 Black-headed Gulls present and although I had no luck catching any new birds, I did record nine colour-ringed individuals, including 2AAF, 2AAS, 2AAK and 2AAT.


As I wasn't having much luck catching any birds, I did a quick count to see what ages the birds were and a rough count was:

Juveniles - 15%
2nd-winter - 10%
Adults - 75%

Chris Smith reported some colour-ringed birds from the same site later the same day and strangely, the only bird which we both recorded was 2AAS, I hadn't seen any of the others he did and he didn't see any of the others I had!

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