Saturday, 15 November 2014

Update on BHGNI - Nov 2014

We had a great day at the BTO NI Conference last Saturday and it was great to see three talks dedicated to gulls. Some absolutely fascinating data being gathered from the tagged Herring Gulls from Big Copeland.

As I had to get everything up-to-date in preparation for my talk on the Black-headed Gull project at the conference and the fact that this week marked two years since we began colour-ringing here, I thought this was a good time to post an update.

A total of 298 Black-headed Gulls have been colour-ringed here as part of our project since November 2012, 234 pulli and 64 fledged birds. There have been 1340 re-sightings of 88 individual birds, the latest of which is 2AFD. This bird was ringed as an adult male at Antrim last winter and hasn't been seen until Gareth photographed it in Ballymena earlier this week.

Photo by Gareth Platt

Most importantly, over 50 people have taken time to report their sightings of colour-ringed gulls, which is fantastic!

In terms of wintering birds originating in other countries, recent records have included birds from Latvia, Netherlands and England and the list of countries from where wintering birds recorded here have come from now stands at fourteen.

Finally, a massive thank you to everyone who has supported BHGNI on Kickstarter. If you would be able to support the project by donating a couple of quid, please visit the link below. We need to reach the target of £350 or else nothing is received!


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