Friday, 17 April 2015

Latvian re-sightings are like buses.... wait for one and then two come along at once!

Earlier this month I blogged about how 2AFD had been recorded at Getlini dump near Riga in Latvia (see here).

Well, I recieved another email today which told me that, not only was 2AFD still present at Getlini, but that a second bird with a NI colour-ring had also turned up! 

2BPP was one of four birds caught at Kinnego, Lough Neagh in October 2014 (see here). It was already fitted with a Latvian metal ring and a colour-ring was added.

Red - Kinnego, Lough Neagh, NI
Blue - Getlini, Riga, Latvia

What are the chances?!

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