Friday, 1 May 2015

Update on 2BPP

I got word from Eddie Fritze, the observer who reported 2BPP at Riga in Latvia, that he had received a life history on the bird from Juris Kaubiernis of the Latvian Ringing Centre.

The bird was ringed as a nestling at Masenu Lake near Riga in Latvia in June 2005. It wasn't seen again until May 2009 when it was recorded at Getlini by Eddie! 

In October 2011, it was recorded at Maryport in Cumbria, England and that was it until October 2014, when it was controlled at Kinnego, Lough Neagh and a colour-ring added. It was re-sighted at Lough Neagh twice during the winter, before Eddie spotted it back at Getlini last month.

Thank you to Eddie for passing on the information. Hopefully the addition of a colour-ring will generate some more information on this individuals migration route.

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