Tuesday, 3 November 2015

2AFD returns

Although we have recorded many birds ringed in continental Europe wintering here in Northern Ireland, to date, we have had three birds we have ringed re-sighted in mainland Europe. 

One of these, 2AFD, was ringed at Antrim in February 2014 and was spotted back in Northern Ireland in mid-November 2014. It was recorded at Antrim throughout the winter before being recorded at Riga, Latvia in April (see here).

Photo by Richard Bosner

It was recorded at Riga on two further occasions and it hasn't been seen since...until this weekend, when Gareth photographed it back at Antrim for another winter.

Photos by Garth Platt

This was one of two birds ringed in NI last winter to turn up at Riga, hopefully the second will turn up back at Lough Neagh soon.

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