Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fuel spill on County Antrim coast

Worrying news has emerged over the past couple of days. 

A large diesel spill has occurred along a stretch of the County Antrim coastline which is home to several key seabird breeding colonies including The Gobbins, Muck Island and Larne Lough, which includes one of our Black-headed Gull study colonies.

Ringing Black-headed Gulls in Larne Lough in 2013

The story, including photographs, can be viewed by following the links below:




While an incident like this would be awful at any time of year, it may be particularly devastating at this time of year as auks, terns, gulls, cormorants and shags use the area affected for feeding. In addition, the weather has been relatively calm recently, which is slowing the dispersal of the spill.

Members of the East Antrim Boat Club have already reported a number of dead birds along the coastline.

Fingers crossed the impact upon the birds at these vitally important colonies will be minimal.

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