Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Black-headed Gull - Orange 2AKA

I have received word of another re-sighting of one of the young gulls we ringed this summer.  Neal Warnock sent me this photo of 2AKA, which he took at Sandy Bay in Larne on Sunday (11 August).

This bird was one of 35 colour-ringed on RSPB Blue Circle Island in Larne Lough on 18 June and this is the first time it has been seen since ringing.  

In total, we colour-ringed 93 pulli at three colonies this summer, and this is only the fourth to have been re-sighted so far.  The only other re-sighting of a bird from Blue Circle I have received so far, was 2BCD which was seen and photographed at Whitehead by Cameron Moore on 25 July.

Photo by Neal Warnock
Photo by Cameron Moore
Blue - RSPB Blue Circle Island
Red - 2BCD, Whitehead, 25.07.13
Green - 2AKA, Sandy Bay, 11.08.13

Thanks to Cameron and Neal for their sightings and photographs.


  1. Hi I found a black Headed Gull with an orange ring 2ABD in Newcastle, Co Down Is this one of your ringed birds? I was trying to find out where it came from:)

  2. Hi Stuart, yip, sounds like one of ours. Could you email me at bhgni@ymail.com with when you saw the bird and I will reply with a report? Cheers, Adam