Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Colour-ringed Oystercatcher

Gareth got in touch last week to report a colour-ringed Oystercatcher which he had seen at Whitehouse Lagoon, Belfast Lough.

Photo by Gareth Platt

As you can see, it's a combination of colour-rings and a green flag. 

Photo by Gareth Platt

After consulting the brilliant cr-birding website, Gareth got the information of the ringer and contacted him directly to report his sighting.

He has now received an update on the bird, which was confirmed as having been ringed as an adult on the nest in SW Iceland in June this year.

That's a distance of around 1,300 km and is yet another example of what we are learning about birds through colour-ringing.

This isn't the only colour-ringed bird recorded at Whitehouse recently. I will post details in the coming days...

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