Friday, 25 September 2015

Sandwich Tern - Blue EFF

In the recent post about the Icelandic Oystercatcher, I mentioned a couple of other colour-ringed birds recorded there. Well, I've heard back from Ewan Weston about the Sandwich Tern.

It had been ringed as an adult at Ythan Estuary in Aberdeenshire in July 2013. It has been re-sighted several times since, at Girdleness, back at the Ythan and at Findhorn Bay in Moray. 

Red - Ythan
Blue - Girdleness
Yellow - Findhorn Bay
Green - Whitehouse Lagoon
My sighting is the first of this bird since September last year and the first from outside Scotland but it isn't the only colour-ringed Sandwich Terns seen in Northern Ireland this summer (see here).

Talking of Ewan, he will be talking at the upcoming Northern Ireland Birdwatchers' Conference at Oxford Island in November (see here). It's always a great programme and an excellent opportunity to catch up with old faces.

Thanks to Ewan for the information.

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