Thursday, 4 April 2013

A movement!

I headed down to Sandy Bay in Larne this evening to check the Black-headed Gull flock for colour-ringed birds and I wasn't disappointed.

Noticing a bird with an orange ring, I assumed it was the bird which I ringed there earlier this winter but when I looked at a photo I managed to get, I realised that the code on the ring was 2ABT.

This bird was actually ringed in Ballyholme, Co. Down by Kerry Leonard when we were out on 24 January.


Kerry with 2ABT in January
Although, it appeared as though not everyone was happy to see 2ABT!

Unfortunately it doesn't count as a recovery as it's only a movement of 22km (13.75m), but this is the first time one our colour-ringed birds has been recorded away from where it was ringed, so I'm delighted!

2ABH, the bird which I ringed at Sandy Bay on 21 January is still around too and I also managed to get a couple of snaps of it.

Both of these birds are adult males and are likely breeding birds from the colony on Blue Circle Island in Larne Lough.

Ready for take-off!

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