Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Black-headed Gull - 2AAR (an update)

I have received another email from the Polish Bird Ringing Centre in Gdańsk with a second (or should that be first?!) sighting of 2AAR.

The original email which I received about this bird reported that it had been seen at Hryniewicze on 11th April, but it turns out that this was actually the second sighting of the bird in Poland.  Artur Blad had seen 2AAR at Kowale in Gdansk 6 days before, on 5th April.

Red - Antrim, NI (ringed here 21.12.12, last recorded here 12.03.13)
Yellow - Gdansk, Poland (seen here 05.04.13)
Blue - Hryniewicze, Poland (seen here 11.04.13)

Photo by Artur Blad

Photo by Artur Blad

This is fantastic news and I'm delighted to receive both reports.  Many thanks to Artur and Michal for reporting their sightings and to the Polish Bird Ringing Centre for passing on the information.

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