Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Black-headed Gull - White EAK9

In my blog post last week, I mentioned seeing a colour-ringed gull at Connswater which originated in The Netherlands. The bird was white EAK9.

After checking the cr-birding website, I sent an email off to Frank Majoor who replied to let me know that the bird had been ringed by Benny Middendorp on 13 June 2012 at Benthuizerplas, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

It has been seen 27 times since, but always in an around the original ringing site. This is the first time it's been seen outside The Netherlands. This gives me hope that some of our birds ringed in Northern Ireland, which have been recorded many times at their ringing site, will be recorded elsewhere and we will learn something about their movements.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, but many thanks to Benny who sent me a photo taken when the bird was ringed.

Photo by Benny Middendorp
Frank and Benny are a bit legendary in the world of BHG ringing and you can get a sense of the scale of their work with the species by visiting their websites:



Thanks to Frank and Benny for the quick response and the information.

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