Tuesday, 12 July 2016

2ANX - an update

We received a very interesting email from Lukasz Borek in Poland this evening. He had caught a Black-headed Gull with one of our rings at the weekend at the same location it had been seen in April (see here).

Photo by Lukasz Borek

Thanks to the email address also printed on the ring he was able to Google our project and find this blog, where he not only discovered the previous postings about 2ANX (see here and here), but also about a couple of birds he ringed which have then recorded in Northern Ireland (see here, here and here)!

It will be very interesting to see when / if 2ANX returns to Belfast Lough this winter.

Many thanks to Lukasz for getting in touch with the update and for the photo. We look forward to hopefully recording some more Polish ringed gulls here this winter.

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