Saturday, 10 December 2016

Where have you been?!

We have received a report from the BTO that one of our birds was recorded in Norfolk last week.

 2BAN  was ringed as a chick on RSPB Blue Circle Island in 2013 and hasn't been seen since, until it was seen at Ormesby Broad near Great Yarmouth.

Ringing on Blue Circle Island, July 2013

Blue - Blue Circle Island, Antrim
Orange - Ormesby Broad, Norfolk

I do wonder where these birds go that they can manage to go unrecorded for several years before turning up. Gary had another recent example when he recorded one of Shane's colour-ringed Common Gulls at Whitehead, just 8 miles from the Copelands where it was ringed over six years ago.

It would be fantastic at some stage to tag birds to see where exactly they go on their travels. I'm sure we'd learn so much we don't know.

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