Monday, 11 February 2013

Black-headed Gull - Black P736

I was on the Ards Peninsula on Saturday for work and I called into Ballywalter for a coffee break and a look to see if there were any ringed gulls about.

Although I failed to catch any birds, I did see a black-headed gull with a black colour-ring, P736.

After checking cr-birding, I sent an email off on Sunday morning to Vytautas Pareigis who is the Head of the Bird Ringing Station Juodkrante.  Within a couple of hours I got a response from Vytautas telling me that the bird had been ringed as an adult by him and Frank Majoorat Dumpiai dump, Klaipeda in Lithuania on 03.04.2010.

Red - Klaipeda, Lithuania
Blue - Ballywalter, Northern Ireland

That's a movement of over 1700km!

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