Sunday, 10 February 2013

Two McGulls please

On my way to work yesterday morning I passed a well known fast-food restaurant and noticed the car park was full of black-headed gulls.

Pulling over I threw some bread out (yes I keep bread in the car, doesn't everyone?!) and was immediately surrounded like a scene from Hitchcock. I managed to catch one new bird, an adult female which was starting to come into breeding plumage.

Close-up of red eye-ring

As I was making my way home after another hard day at the "office" the golden arches of another branch of Micky D's came into view so I thought I'd try my luck for a second time and within a couple of minutes I had second bird.

The gulls do seem to prefer that particular American delicatessen over the other, finger-licking one, who knows why, perhaps they don't like the Colonel's secret recipe?!

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