Thursday, 14 December 2017

Black-headed Gull - Black 2AXV

In October last year, Gary recorded a colour-ringed first-winter bird at Peoples Park, Ballymena (see here).

2AXV at Peoples Park, October 2016
Photo by Gary Platt

Gary heard back that the bird had been ringed as a chick by Brewood Ringing Group at Marsh Lane Nature Reserve in the West Midlands in June 2016.

Black - Marsh Lane Nature Reserve
Orange - Peoples Park, Ballymena

The bird was recorded at Peoples Park throughout the winter, with the last sighting being on 11th March 2017.

2AXV at Peoples Park in November 2016 (top), December 2016 (middle) and February 2017 (bottom)
Photos by Gary Platt

In yet another example of a wintering Black-headed Gull showing strong site fidelity, 2ANX has returned to Peoples Park for a second winter having been recorded on 1st September 2017.

2AXV at Peoples Park in September 2017 (top) and December 2017 (bottom)
Photos by Gary Platt

Many thanks to Gary for the information and all the photos which give us an insight to the changing plumage of 2AXV as it ages.

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