Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Black-headed Gull - Yellow T58T

Suzanne reported that T58T was seen briefly at Lurgan Park on Friday 1st December.

T58T at Lurgan Park, December 2017
Photo by Suzanne Belshaw

T58T was caught and ringed in Poland as an adult in July 2016 by Lukasz Borek, the same ringer who has recorded one of "our" birds in Poland a couple of times (see here). I say "our" because it only spends the winter here, it was most likely born in NE Germany or NW Poland.

It was first recorded at Lurgan Park in December 2016 and was regular sighting there throughout last winter, last being seen on 19th February.

The bird was photographed back in Poland in July this year and has now returned to Co. Armagh for another winter. 

In all likelihood, this bird had been wintering at Lurgan during previous years but went unnoticed until it was ringed by Lukasz. 

This is one of several Polish colour-ringed birds we have recorded here in winter which we've also been lucky enough to have recorded back on their breeding grounds. 

All of this information provides us with an insight to the seasonal movements of these overlooked long-distance migrants.

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