Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Black Guillemot - Yellow UL

Last week I was at the marina in the coastal village of Glenarm watching the Black Guillemots (or Tysties) which nest in the harbour walls.

Amongst the flock of 50 or so birds, I noticed that one of them was colour-ringed.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but at least I did remember to bring my bins, so I was able to read the code on the ring as "UL".

I reported my sighting to Julian Greenwood, who has been colour-ringing Tysties at Bangor as part of his (almost) 30-year study into the species.

Julian told me that this particular bird was ringed as a pullus in Bangor in July 2010.

As I say, I didn't have my camera, so sadly I don't have a photo of the bird, instead I've "stolen" a couple of images of Tysties in Glenarm taken by Gavin Ferguson.

Photo by Gavin Ferguson
Photo by Gavin Ferguson

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