Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Over-wintering birds starting to reappear

It may only be the end of July, and in our minds still the middle of summer, but in the birding world, autumn is well and truly underway.  With the breeding season coming to a close, migrants are already starting to move.

When it comes to some of the Black-headed Gulls we ringed last winter, we are already starting to see birds which haven't been recorded since February or March reappearing at their respective wintering sites.

2AHJ was one of nine birds ringed at WWT Castle Espie on Good Friday, 29 March, and I received word from Robin Vage at Castle Espie that he spotted the bird back there yesterday.  This is the first time it has been recorded since ringing.

Likewise, I recorded 2ABC in the car park at Sprucefield Shopping Centre yesterday, also the first time it has been seen since March.

Today, I got word from another observer, Keith Stevens, that he had seen several birds at Antrim, including what appears to be a second-summer Polish ringed bird.  Hopefully we'll be able to tell you more about it soon.

Photo by Keith Stevens

Photo by Keith Stevens

Photo by Keith Stevens

Thanks for Robin and Keith for their sightings. We've now hit the milestone of 160 re-sightings since the project began last December - many thanks to all who've contributed so far...I wonder if we can hit 400 re-sightings by the end of winter 2013-14?!

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